Laptop P4-2400, 390Euro Negociabil!

De vanzare Laptop GERICOM , LCD 15.1″
Intel Pentium 4, 2.4Ghz
RAM: 256Mb, DDR
Video: SiS 650 OnBoard
HDD: Fujitsu MHR 2030, 30Gb
DVDCombo: Toshiba SD-R2212
FDD: 1.44Mb
LAN: Sis900 Intern 100Mbps,
Modem; SmartLink 56k Voice
2xUSB 2.0, InfraRed, LPT, COM, Sound, Mouse TouchPad, PS2 for External Mouse or Keyboard!
Iesire Monitor separat, TV-OUT Svideo
Pret: 390 Euro, Negociabil!

Detalii si poze:…entium-4-24ghz/
(pentru Timisoara)


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